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A lot of Stuff Happened Between 1980 and the Year 2000: Introducing Broadway’s The Assembled Parties logo

TheaterMania speaks with Judith Light, Jessica Hecht, and more about how our expectations fall to pieces over the course of 20 years.

Did you change at all between 1980 and the cusp of the new millennium? Did your relationships change? Your expectations?

The Assembled Parties takes place during two Christmas parties at the Upper West Side home of a Jewish family: one in 1980, and one twenty years later. In a sprawling Central Park West apartment, former movie star Julie Bascov (Tony Award nominee Jessica Hecht) and her sister-in-law Faye (Tony Award winner Judith Light) bring their families together for their traditional holiday dinner. A houseguest, Jeff (Tony Award nominee Jeremy Shamos), joining the festivities for the first time finds himself surrounded by family drama. Twenty years later…well, suffice it to say that a lot happens over the course of twenty years.

We spoke with the cast and creative team at rehearsals for Tony Award-winning playwright Richard Greenberg (Take Me Out) and Manhattan Theater Company’s 10th collaboration, about what we can expect from this decade-hopping, world-premiere production.


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