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Actor's Express

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Actor's Express
887 West Marietta St NW
Atlanta, GA 30318


In the midst of one of the most chaotic and spiritually hungry cultures in history, Actor's Express is in the business of helping myths sing for our time. In a culture we often experience as boring, mechanized and meaningless, people come to the Express to touch the magic of theater because it is alive and human. They come to share the energy of plays that make us feel more whole, more connected.

They are a theater of intuition and their goal is to produce plays that sweep audiences off their feet, fill them with a sense of wonder and leave them dizzy. The range of the work is vast and eclectic (from Shaw to Rogers & Hammerstein to Pinter in a single season). A play for them is like a stick of dynamite that holds within it the possibility of exploding the preconceptions of the world around us. The point of the work is not to "hold as 'twere the mirror up to nature" but to blast past the everyday routine and get to something bigger, cooler, funnier, scarier and deeper.

Current Productions

We have no current productions for this theater right now.

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Past Productions