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Kari Ely, Hollie Howard, Jim Newman, et al. Set for Stages St. Louis' State Fair logo
Hollie Howard
Stages St. Louis has announced casting for Rodgers and Hammerstein's State Fair to run September 3 - October 3 at at The Robert G. Reim Theatre. Michael Hamilton will direct the production, which will have choreography by Dana Lewis and musical direction by Lisa Campbell-Albert.

The company will feature Kari Ely (Melissa Frake), Hollie Howard (Emily Arden), Jim Newman (Pat Gilbert), Christopher Vettel (Abel Frank), Julie Hanson (Margy Frake), Preston Ellis (Wayne Frake), Lani Corson (Eleanore/Fairgoer), Mike Dowdy (Hank Munson/Fairgoer), Zak Edwards (Uncle Sam/Charlie), John Flack (Lem), Zoe Vonder Haar (Mrs. Edwin Metcalf), Abigail Isom (Violet), Colin Israel (Harry), Andrew Laudel (Fairtone/Fairgoer), Taylor Pietz (Vivian/Fairgoer), Lisa M. Ramey (Jeanne/Fairgoer), Whit Reichert (Dave Miller/Judge Heppenstahl), Mark Roland (Gus/Fairtone/Roustabout), Shaun Sheley (Stralenko/The Chief of Police), Nic Thompson (Fairtone/Fairgoer/Roustabout), Joseph Torello (Clay), Matthew Winnegge (Fairtone/Fairgoer), and Darin Wood (The Hoop-La Barker/Fairgoer), along with Stephanie Brown, Laura Ernst, and Lisa Christine Fahey.

The creative team will include scenic designer James Wolk, costume designer Lou Bird, and lighting designer Matthew McCarthy.

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