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A Day in the Life Of… CCU MT 2014

Alexa Doggett shares a photo blog of a typical day's activities as a musical theatre major at Coastal Carolina University.

When I look back to my life three years ago at the point of auditioning for colleges, I remember wondering what it was actually like to be a musical theatre major. No matter how much research you do, how many students you question, how many times you visit a school- nothing can truly teach you what it is really like until you are living it. Now I am into my junior year, and am interested in finding more ways to fully inform prospective students and other intrigued parties what "A Day in the Life" consists of.

So I came up with the idea of not just writing out my day, but taking my readers on a journey through photos. One Monday a month for my blog, I will be taking a trip through the eyes of a BFA Musical Theatre junior (class of 2014) at different well-known programs around the country. So, of course, we begin with my own school and my own Monday… a day at Coastal Carolina University! I tried to stay as unobtrusive as possible. Although I informed people of what I was doing, I turned off the flash and aimed for the most candid and honest pictures that I could. What's "A Day in the Life" worth if it's not sincere? So, enjoy- and let me know what you think!

Although I am probably not going to be doing another issue on CCU, next month we will join a student from Ball State and see a day in her shoes, and I hope to continue including these posts if people enjoy them.


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