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Washington Revels' 27th annual celebration of the Winter Solstice transports us to Italy at the end of the fifteenth century. Maestro Leonardo da Vinci, the quintessential Renaissance man, has invited the Doge of Venice, nobles from the courts of Italy, craftsmen, townspeople, and all their children to celebrate the turning of the year. Enjoy Leonardo's art and inventions, Italian holiday traditions, a Roman Saturnalia, and the magic of the season with glorious music, rousing dance--and a solar eclipse! Join the acclaimed Revels company (over 75 performers, ages 8-70) on this colorful journey to seasons past with special guests Piffaro the Renaissance Band, Revels favorites Oran Sandel as Leonardo and Morgan Duncan as the Doge, as well as Emma Jaster--daughter of Revels' beloved fool Mark Jaster--in the role of the Doge's comic servant. You and your family are invited! The Maestro awaits...

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