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In Snow White and the Three Slobs, Snow White is a dirt-smudged stable girl, innocent to the point of cluelessness, whose stepmother, the Queen, must be the most beautiful woman in all the land. But when the Magic Mirror informs the Queen that Snow White has the gift of inner beauty, the Queen goes beserk with jealousy. The Magic Mirror and the castle servants comically thwart the Queen's first attempts to poison Snow White. Fleeing into the woods, Snow White finds the House of the Three Slobs. Therein live Grouchy, Snivelly, and Slacker. They don't want to let her in, but she promises to help with the housework. Hauling water one day, Snow White meets a Prince searching for true love. But he believes he must marry a princess and she can't tell him she is royalty, so they part. Snow White finally stands up for herself to the Slobs, but the Queen is after Snow White with a poisoned apple. Snow White is rescued by the Mirror and the Slobs, but the Queen's murderous act has made her ugly to all who look at her and she flees into the woods forever. Finally, the Prince decides he loves Snow White, whether she is royalty or not. There will be no performance on Saturday, July 22.

Show Details

  • Running Time:1hr 30min (1 intermission)
  • Dates:Closed on
  • Location:The Forum Theatre Arts Center, South Jersey