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From the star & creator of one of the longest running one-man comedy shows in history, we bring you the all new My Mother's Italian, My Father's Jewish & I'm Home for the Holidays. It's a time of peace, a time of joy, and a time of remembering why you left home in the first place. Steve's back with more wild and hilarious stories & characterizations about his family, friends & the other folks we meet whose sole purpose was to drive him into therapy in the first place. We all get to attend holiday dinner at Grandma's where, if you're under 55, you're allowed to sit at the children's table with 35 overfed people & one toilet! It's another laugh-filled evening of family chaos starring the award-winning writer & comedian Steve Solomon. It's the time of year we hear: "Peace on Earth," "goodwill towards men," "batteries not included," and "where's the plunger?"

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