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From a hospital room in middle America to a jail in Mexico, the destinies of three strangers intertwine as each seeks redemption and penance for the sins of their past and present... Following a tragic car accident, Charlie--with his brother Josh--impulsively travel to Mexico to seek the help of their perpetually absent father and to tell him about the fate of their mother. Unexpectedly, their search takes a catastrophic turn, resulting in the wrongful imprisonment of Charlie. The prison Charlie finds himself in is cut-off from the outside world and is as brutal as it is lonely. Yet, despite his gruesome surroundings, Charlie forms an unlikely bond with his cellmate... a monstrous man haunted by a harrowing act from his youth. He also uncovers a deadly game run in the prison by the guards... A vile form of entertainment that eventually puts him on an obdurate path to face his only friend. Meanwhile, the guards of the prison are overseen by Carlos--a deeply conflicted man desperate to lead a life of morals and principals. A need driven by the love for his passionate wife, Eldora. However, Carlos harbors dark secrets from his past. And try as he may, he cannot escape his immoral destiny... nor the grim fate that awaits him. Last Cup of Sorrow is about the search for salvation... be it through vengeance, forgiveness or death.

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  • Location:Seattle Center, Seattle