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Tilted Frame opens up signature techno improv format to everyone with a weekly open jam. Combined Artform's Research and Development department, publicly known as Tilted Frame, has been lighting up Bay Area improv for the last five years with its unique brand of technologically driven improv. Originally conceived as an evolving platform to test out the heights and pitfalls of tech in theater, the format has grown to include an ever-widening array of gadgets, games and genres. Now the R&D Department is giving the reigns to you. The most cutting edge improv platform in the Bay Area opens up its stage to the public with Tilted Frame's Techno Improv Jam. The night consists of a set by the Tilted Frame players, giving everyone an idea what this is all about. Next, the stage will open up for a number of sets in which everyone from seasoned professionals to intrigued novices can brave the winds of technology and perform. Additionally, certain Thursdays will feature a set of "Sounds Like a Song" where the players sing along to live music and create their very own improvised songs, as we bring Bay Area composer Arlen Hart into the mix on piano.

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