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A long time ago, in a drought-stricken galaxy far, far away, Luke Moonwalker is tinkering with a new droid and accidentally triggers a message from Princess Ida Organa, revealing evil military plans and seeking help from Obi-Bun Thornobi. Luke is smitten, vows to rescue Ida, and joins Obi-Bun who tells him of the mystical Force and the Deadeye Order. With the help of the smuggler Juan Solo and his copilot Poohbacca, they race to join the Rebellion. Can Luke rescue the Princess before the Death Straw sucks the galaxy dry?

Lamplighters Music Theatre present this full-length original satire, set (mostly) to the music of Sir Arthur Sullivan with a nod to W.S. Gilbert. This year they'll be spoofing the ever-popular, epic space franchise, Star Wars. It's got fencing, fighting, laser guns, torture, revenge, aliens, sorcerers, chases, escapes… and Gilbert & Sullivan!

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