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Legendary TV icon Rue McClanahan guests in Del Shores' (otherwise) one-man show Del Shores The Storyteller, to benefit NYC's Harvey Milk High School. Shores will share the real life stories that have inspired his writing and more. Yes, there was a man with two wooden legs. But did his grandmother trip over them and die while having a sordid affair? And did his mother really ask, "What exactly do you do...when you're gay?" If so, what was the acclaimed writer's response (Sordid Lives)? Yes, prayers were answered and a matching vein was found in a vein bank over in Baton Rogue to replace his Uncle Humpty's collapsed vein. But did Humpty lose the leg after all those prayers (Southern Baptist Sissies)? And what relative really shot a policeman in the "saliva gland" and shoulder (Trailer Trash Housewife)? Truth and fiction are finally separated in Del Shores The Storyteller.

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