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The gospel musical stage play The Empty Box sheds light on the merging of two families with different perceptions, belief systems, and levels of faith.

Paris was taught to see only what is directly in front of her. Because she comes from a privileged family that gives her everything that she wants, she has not learned the power in prayer or faith. She was comfortable with her life until she met the smart, kind, and handsome Bryson Robbins.

Bryson's story is different from Paris's in that his family could not offer him financial wealth but rather taught him the importance of having a relationship with God. Bryson's struggles have made him a prayer warrior, a dreamer, and allows him to see what others do not.

Watch as this couple, along with their families, try to bridge their different beliefs.

It is possible that the powerful experience of faith which normally binds people together may actually tear these two families apart.

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