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A unique one-act play inspired by Greek mythology and focused on the importance of being the helmsman of our own destiny. The play is set in a world where free will doesn't exist and everyone has the illusion of being a decision-maker while, in reality, they are unable to choose at all — everyone, except for one young woman. Sýrma asks the audience: Are you choosing for yourself, or is someone else responsible for your decisions? If so, is change possible? An entirely female-identifying cast will embody these questions and take you on a unique journey that explores these possibilities.

Federica Borlenghi (director) and Carolina de' Castiglioni (writer and actor) are two Italian multidisciplinary artists who decided to join forces and present to the audience a play that combined their Italian and classical roots with the values they have adopted in New York City. They believe that sharing one's culture and learning about different ones is extremely powerful and enriching.

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