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Shake and Bake: Love's Labour's Lost is a production of Shakespeare's comedy, but with a twist. The show combines theater and food in a full-sensory experience: audience members are served an eight-course tasting menu (with wine pairings), with all the food prepared in front of them throughout the performance.

In Love's Labour's Lost, the ailing King of France owes the King of Navarre money. Unable to make the trip himself, the French king has his daughter go to negotiate the settlement. But just before she and her ladies (Rosaline and Maria) arrive, Navarre and his men (Berowne and Longaville) make a pact to swear off women, eat only six meals per week, and sleep three hours per night. Why? So that they can devote the rest of their time to study, obviously. When the women arrive ,the men are exhausted, hungry, and lonely. Nevertheless, Navarre sticks to the plan and tells the women that they may not enter the gates and must instead camp in the field. The women, having none of it, hatch a plan to outsmart the men.

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