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A little bit naughty and slightly steamy but very sexy.

Week 1 - Feb 13 -16th By the Foot by Genny Yosco Jack & Jill by CB Murray Spinning the Record by Amanda J. Bermudez Sleep Here by Michael Long Bachelorette by Amanda Murphy

Week 2 - Feb 20 -23rd Moss by Catalina Florina Florescu Ole! By Joseph Sexton Doing It by Leonard D Goodisman Date Show the Game Show by Carina Torres The Gift by Lawrence Kessenich

Week 3 - Feb 27 - March 1st A Matter of Taste by Amy Drake John & Eleanor by Serah Bennett The Story of Oh (Revised and Abridged) by James Colgan What to Expect When You're Expecting Our Lord and Savior by Bailey Jordan Garcia The 5 Minute Pill by Richard Roy

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