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Everyone has a hidden side waiting to be exposed... All of us have an alter ego, but for most of us, we keep it in the safe space we call our fantasies...but what happens when curiosity and a desire for self-discovery becomes too intense to resist? Ascension Underground is a place where ordinary people seek the extraordinary, where people of all professions, ages, and walks of life come to shed their names and their daily personas in search of an escape, to find bliss and connection with others, but most of all, to desperately find their authentic self. But if you stumble upon the secret unmarked door of club Ascension Underground, you might just open more than Pandora's box should you walk through it. For some, there is no turning back. Will the risk be greater than the reward? Will their journey in this labyrinth of self-discovery and indulgence backfire on them, or will it change their lives for the better?

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