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MARGARET DORN, EMILY BINDIGER, ANDRICKA HALL and CAROLEE GOODGOLD bring their individual, extraordinary voices as well as their consummate ensemble sensibility to the award-winning songs of composer Margaret Dorn and lyricist Karen Kantor. Staged by DENNIS DEAL! "A show that fills a gap in the world of Contemporary Musical Theatre...Kantor and Dorn have an individual voice, but also an important understanding of theatricality and entertainment. For me, this is what Musical Theatre is about." - MICHAEL FEINSTEIN "I was immediately impressed not only by how original and unique the writing was, but by how the arrangements and the sound of the songs were deeply infused with the vast and varied knowledge of genre and sound that Margaret's arranging and performing experience brought to the score. In a song like "Lonely With Joni", Margaret and Karen were able to write a song that is totally original and yet captures the nostalgic feeling of an era in its lyric and sound. But WOMEN OF A CERTAIN AGE® is more than just sound and style. It addresses a subject that is poignant and moving to a whole generation in a compassionate and fresh way that could only be created by two writers who have the first hand experience to understand the subject combined with the musical, lyrical and emotional skill and maturity to deliver it in a way that both gets into your ear and gets into your soul. " - DAVID FRIEDMAN, Composer/Conductor/Arranger- DISNEY "I am so glad I got to the Bitter End last night. I am still quite immersed in the evening. Margaret's skills as a songwriter are truly amazing. There is not a derivative melody in the show. I never knew where she was going to take me. Karen is very talented. I heard stories I have never heard before in song. Stunning revelations. I was treated as an adult. And I appreciated it. This show should be seen and heard. It is a great evening!" - LESLEY GORE

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