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The Man Who Found Troy, by award-winning playwright Joseph Krawczyk, is about Heinrich Schliemann, a millionaire who, in 1868, commences to excavate the fabled city of Troy. He is accompanied by his bride, Sophia, a very beautiful 17-year-old Greek girl who consents to wed the very wealthy 47-year-old Heinrich to rescue her impoverished family. She makes a promise to Heinrich that she will, in time, "learn to love him." That pending "love" is the thread that binds together the fascinating story about a ruthless millionaire determined to be "The Man Who Found Troy" and that of his child bride. In this three-actor play, you will also meet some legendary characters from The Iliad: Helen, Menelaus, Achilles, Priam, and Hector. These roles will also be played by the same actors who portray Sophia, Heinrich, and Frank Calvert, the hapless partner of Heinrich Schliemann.

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