About This Show

A work that lies somewhere between music and theater by a singular voice – Manos Tsangaris – whose work has rarely been heard in the U.S. (“Anything but a composer who simply jots down notes. He is a conceptual artist who can never give up theatre.”-Süddeutsche Zeitung).

The audience begins the evening in a social setting having a drink. They are given a questionnaire about music, art, love, and friendship. They enter the performance space in small groups, visiting one of seven tables. At each table sits a musician/actor. In a sequence of interactions, the audience is immersed in the performance – first encountering each musician individually and finally, experiencing the piece as a whole. Tsangaris’ work exemplifies Talea’s mission to champion musical creativity and cultivate curious listeners and is why they are hailed “A crucial part of the New York cultural ecosphere”- New York Times.

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