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Target Margin Theater presents the Sindbad Lab as a performance festival dismantling and rebuilding all seven voyages from the classic Sindbad tales from The Thousand and One Nights. Lead artists selected to drive the individual productions include composer and musician Avi Amon, director Kareem Fahmy, actor and director Stephanie Weeks, and Target Margin Theater associate artistic director Moe Yousuf.

The Sindbad Lab festival includes More Wonder, Please, Inshallah/Mashallah, The Triumphant [Parts 3, 4, and 7], and Yogibogeybox. The festival will also include supplemental programs to enrich the conversation and engage the community including a dialogue series with artists, activists, and scholars of The Thousand and One Nights, an intergenerational storytelling workshop, and a film series of problematic western film adaptation.

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