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YourPlace...or Mine?, the hit stage comedy about online social networks such as, originated in Greensboro, NC, and comes to New York as part of the 10th annual New York International Fringe Festival. The play is the brainchild of North Carolina native Kim Moore, the show's head writer and director, and is written and performed entirely by Greensboro-area artists. This comedy/drama was inspired by the online social network dot-coms: Friendster, LiveJournal, FaceBook, and the largest, MySpace. When the writers began working on the script, MySpace had some 26 million users. That number has recently topped 90 million. The writing team began by creating characters and posting their "profiles" on The characters then interacted with real users by sending photos, posting comments and weblogs, and exchanging emails. Some of the experiences that followed have made their way directly to the stage, and all of the play's action takes place in a fictional social network called "" Schedule Friday, August 11 @ 5pm Saturday, August 12 @ 2:30pm Sunday, August 13 @ 7:15pm Wednesday, August 16 @ 11:15pm Saturday, August 19 @ 7:45pm

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