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Set in ancient Israel at the dawn of the Chanukah War, the "chosen people" of You Will Experience Silence are bored and horny. One day, Judah Maccabee (Dan Fishback), a mouthy, queer, Hebrew teen, travels to Jerusalem with his best friend Ezra (Max Steele). When they encounter a strapping Greek soldier (Joseph Keckler), they must reconcile their responsibilities to their people, to their libidos and to each other. Their story is interspersed with the tale of Ian Fleishman (Dan Fishback), a nervy 21st century activist who spends his mornings in bed, phoning the White House to complain about the state of the world and the state of his love life. What transpires onstage Back Stage lauded as "consistently sharp, funny, and endearingly off-kilter."

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