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W.O.L.F. Family Series: Japanese Folk Tales of Love & Woe is a magical revue of Japanese myths retold through the art of puppetry, masks, projection, and music. Through a journey to distant lands, W.O.L.F. takes you on a path of enlightenment. The road is windy and threatened with mystical beasts and unfortunate circumstances. If you are daring and courageous, W.O.L.F. whisks you away to follow its dancing puppetry and masked actors as they battle life's challenges. Stories include: The Story of Urashima Taro: A Magical Sea Turtle rewards a Fisherman, who is caring and kind. The Samurai and His Two Wives: A misguided Samurai, displeased with his lot, searches for happiness in wealth and success. The Frog and The Snake: A Simply Irresistible Snake, a Helpless Frog, and a Man, with two daughters, create an interesting predicament. Good deeds, clever tricks, and loyalty create a powerful tale of love and woe. W.O.L.F. Family Series: Japanese Folk Tales of Love & Woe meets at Central Park at Cherryhill Fountain Plaza (Enter at 72nd ST & Central Park West).

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