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What is real? A question we often find ourselves pondering. According to the Skin Horse, real is "love and love is real, truth in your heart, the joy that you feel. Sunshine, snowflakes, laughter and tears, smiles from friends you've known for years". The Skin Horse is one of the characters brought to life by Literally Alive Children's Theatre in their musical adaptation of Margery Williams' classic book The Velveteen Rabbit. This Lush production begins with a giant 8 foot book of The Velveteen Rabbit on stage, as the lights dim, the book opens to reveal the nursery. Slowly the toys of the nursery come to life as they sing and dance their way in to the audience's heart, explaining what toys are really doing while the rest of us are sleeping. Of course the one dream that every toy has is to become "real" - it is the one thing that they wish for most - although no one can seem to explain exactly what "real" is. As we follow the journey of the little velveteen rabbit, Pete, we watch him discover for himself what real truly is. Each performance is preceded by an optional workshop with the creative team.

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