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Absurdist singer/guitarist Aldo Perez and company will host an evening of clown cabaret. The Renaldo The Ensemble is a musical exercise in human ridiculousness and musically flits between bizarre episodes and silly antics. Perez as the petty aristocrat Renaldo The..., finds himself in constant conflict with his musical ensemble: the maid, his valet and 2 psychologist/scientists. The Ensemble visits opera, rock, jazz, tango and country, all with equal aplomb, as flamenco guitar, percussion, clarinet, tuba, and toy piano comprise the instrumentation for this virtuosic and unusual ensemble. One can expect flutes being played through the nose, singing with razors, opera and cigarettes, and talking paintings. This Kurt Weill-esque, clown, art-rock troupe has been called "wonderfully weird" by Backstage, "marvelously odd" by Time Out.

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