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Joe Pintauro's Raft of the Medusa is named after the painting by Gericault, which depicts the survivors of an 1816 shipwreck. Mutiny, starvation, murder, and cannibalism decreased the 150 people to 15 by the time the raft was found. It's a terrific metaphor for the subject of Pintauro's play -- a group therapy session for people with HIV and AIDS. The play, directed by Alberto Bonilla, explores an explosive group therapy session for people living with HIV or AIDS. With a diverse group of characters, from homosexuals to drug addicts, from the rich to the fallen homeless, Pintauro's play shows how the disease they all share can both bring them together and rip them apart. The group includes a wide range of people; straight women, drug addicts, convicts, bisexuals, gay men - everyone's got a story, and everyone's got a temper. It's a volatile mix, and the explosions come like clockwork. Fury, betrayals, resentments, violent attacks, helplessness, tears, confessions this combination creates a powerful and moving night of theater.

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