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Paradise Lost & Found is a buoyant new comedy by Tirosh Schneider, directed by Katie Young, about a hapless soul entangled in the bureaucracy of the Afterlife. Jack Klugman (no, not the actor), a 49-year-old sunglasses salesman riddled with regrets, arrives at the Pearly Gates of Heaven — only it's St. Peter's day off and Joan of Arc is filling in. Jack's file has gone missing, so his eternal fate is TBD. It turns out that he needs to be judged by a moody 18-year-old who has her own issues to deal with. Somehow they manage to sift through the events of Jack's life (and hers as well), forming an unlikely bond. Paradise Lost & Found is a funny and wistful comedy about love, loss, and the joy of connecting with one another, even in fantastical circumstances.

Age: 13+ (gentle references to suicide and depression)

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