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In Panic! Euphoria! Blackout, three traders sit at a table swapping and bartering objects with encoded values, receiving orders and instructions by earpiece, and attempting to stay ahead of the ever-changing numbers that broadcast swings in the market. In exploring their relationship to each other and their society, this unique theatrical piece looks at the profound impact of lending, trade, debt, and finance in our culture. Taking its cue from Wall Street, Talking Band has devised a groundbreaking new ticket sales strategy for Panic Euphoria! Blackout. Anyone who buys a ticket in advance will receive a cash dividend payment at the end of the show in an amount commensurate to the number of tickets sold for that performance. At the theater, ticket buyers will receive a stock certificate at the beginning of the show and a cash dividend of up to $5 following the performance. The fine print: 1). For weekday showings, the value of a ticket rises 50% faster than weekend performances, so consider optimizing your investment by attending the show on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings; 2). Not FDIC insured or under the regulation of the SEC; 3). Loss of principal is a risk of investing.

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