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Director Richard Mazda's Othello - The Moor of Venice gives us a near future Venice and territories which have emerged victorious but at what price? Examining the deception and decent of a man who 'loved not wisely but too well', Othello's world quickly unravels ending in a tragic denouement. In a society that is struggling to maintain order extraordinary measures are necessary. The Venetians appoint a general, Othello, who is not only an outsider but he is black. While most of what is left of society has no issue with this decision his newly promoted ensign, Iago is resentful and covets the position that Othello has granted to his longtime friend, Cassio. Feeling passed over and suspicious that Othello may even have had an affair with his wife Emilia, Iago uses his guile and cunning to trick the greedy Roderigo who lusts after Othello's new bride, Desdemona. Roderigo is used as a pawn in a deadly game, which ultimately leads to his death. Iago tricks Othello into believing that Cassio is secretly conducting an affair with Desdemona through the deception of planting Othello's love token, a handkerchief given to Desdemona, in Cassio's room. This combined with Iago's lies and manipulations so incenses Othello that he resolves to have Cassio killed and then in what he believes to be an act of mercy strangles his young bride. This tale of racism, jealousy, love and betrayal retains a remarkable relevance to the themes and issues that still plague today's society giving us the ability to preserve the purity of Shakespeare's words whilst setting the play in a contemporary world that we immediately can relate to our own world.

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