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A very dramatic reading of a parody of Notes on a Scandal, conceived and created by Jack Ferver and Phillip Taratula, and featuring Christian Coulson, Jack Ferver, Jenn Harris, Randy Harrison, Phillip Taratula, and Matthew Wilkas. An over the top, insane evening of lesbian lust, sociopath school teachers, and outlandish fighting, sex, and more fighting - all done with British accents! Played with camp hysteria (and quite a bit more actually) of the 2006 film that it parodies, this reading features stars of film, television, Broadway, Off-Broadway, and... contemporary dance? Middle aged, lonely and bitter teacher, Barbara (played by Philip Taratula), falls for the young, lonely, and idealistic new teacher on the block, Sheba (played by Jack Ferver). However Sheba is married. Not a lesbian. And into her 15 year old student. When Barbara discovers Sheba's transgression, what ensues is a tense tete-a-tete of two desperate women. There will be tears before bedtime.

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