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Spinsterhood seems to be Lulu's destiny, until an enthusiastic visitor proposes! Miss Lulu Bett is the first play written by a woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. The play's central character, Lulu Bett, is an attractive spinster who, in exchange for her keep, lives like a servant, meekly responding to the whims of her sister's demanding family. Lulu's drudgery is interrupted by a visit from her brother-in-law's impulsive brother, Ninian, who takes an immediate liking to her. Ninian rescues Lulu from her dreary life when, as a lark, he asks her to marry him. As a result of an arcane law that legalizes their flippant vow of marriage, she inadvertently does. Caught up in the romance of the moment, the two run off together, but Lulu soon returns home when Ninian reveals that he is already married to a woman who disappeared years before. Once home, Lulu is tormented by her brother-in-law's insistence to keep her plight a secret rather than risk family shame. He even insinuates that Ninian's story was just a ploy to get rid of her. Enraged and determined, Lulu makes a choice that changes her life forever. On March 30th, Workshop Theatre Company will hold a benefit party at the Players Club for Miss Lulu Bett.

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