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This festival will feature work about the topic of motherhood - the good, the bad, and the unbelievable. Fifteen performers will participate in the festival, which will run Oct 13-18, and 20-23, 2010. Some nights feature two or more performers, and running times are 55-75 minutes total. The performance schedule is: Wed, October 13 8 pm Donna Barkman - Hand Me Downs Diane Shilling - Getting to Mommy Thu, October 14 8 pm Paired Solo Shows - Who's Your Mama? Barbara Bleier Ellen O'Neill Fri, October 15 8 pm Dipti Mehta - Honour Cheryl Smallman - Dreamless Sat, October 16 8 pm Virginia Bryan - My Three Moms Sunday, October 17 & Monday, October 18 8 pm Mary Beth Manning - Mother Wed, October 20 8 pm Abigail Gampel - Through the Window Fri, October 22 8 pm Grace Kiley - Eye of the Storm Susan Laubach - Who is Paula? What is She? & Life in 3/4 Time Sat, October 23 8 pm Two works by Richard Ballon: Circus Boy, performed by Brigitte Mahaney and Will Jorden Griselda, performed by Christine Carroll Both works are directed by J. Kevin Doolen Cheryl Smallman - Dreamless

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