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A conquering hero, Caesar is much beloved by his people and in their eyes, can do no wrong. However there are those in the Senate that are uneasy of the power Caesar holds, especially as there are rumors that the people wish to crown him king. Chief among his enemies are the Senators Cassius, Casca and Cinna, men who see murder as the only solution. Caught in the middle of this intrigue is Caesar’s trusted alley, the noble Brutus, a man forced to decide between the love of his friend and the love of his country. But even in ancient Rome, circa 44 B.C. (the play’s original setting), how one’s actions and deeds are perceived are more important than the actual reasons behind such acts; and a skillful manipulator (in this case, more than one) can easily twist the truth to his advantage.

This production of Julius Ceasar is set in the American South of the 1930s, with Caesar portrayed as a Huey Long-like demagogue, accompanied by a pack of men ready to strong-arm anyone who stands in his way. But even these supporters are unprepared for what eventually happens. The cast will perform the Shakespeare text in 1930’s costumes and corresponding set.

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Dates: Opening Night: August 7, 2005 Final Performance: August 20, 2005

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