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Everywhere Theatre Group aims to explore the place of theater in our ever rapid, technology-obsessed society in this funny, touching and wildly theatrical tribute to the art form. In this fusion of parody, the avant-garde, and real-life stories, a young and broke theater company attempts to make a play about mutant flying snakes that are accidentally released from the headquarters of CIA-enlisted scientists Dr. Inis Goodheart and Dr. Frank Sheckles, in hopes of high box offices sales. Under the setting of earth under attack, violent chaos ensues and government officials send Four Universally Combative Killers (a.k.a THE FUCKERS) to the rescue. Packed with dance, extremely cheap special effects and stunning video design, as this tongue-in-cheek science fiction parody aims to wildly entertain while daring to ask the question: Why are we still making theater?

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