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In F*ck Marry Kill, the teens of Greenport, Connecticut, face a chaotic spring semester as they grapple with loyalty, lust, narcissism, and nihilism before hitting the most important night of their lives: prom. FMK mashes up the high drama of Jacobean theater with classic high school tropes in a fast-paced and highly stylized epic. Secrets are spilled, backs are stabbed, and the survivors are left to count the dead and wonder how and why they got out alive. FMK stars Lilly Englert (Pericles) as an angst-ridden prom queen, Alex Breaux (Red Speedo) as a wanderer with more baggage than can fit in his backpack, and Robbie Collier Sublett (Other Desert Cities) as a lovable pothead whose dreams of escape go horribly awry.

Note: This play is recommended for ages 13 and up.

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