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ONE OF SACRAMENTO'S ELITE HAS BEEN MURDERED! Captain Chuck Hutchinsoneditor-in-chief of the Sacramento Star and husband of the tempestuous ice sculptress, Margo Carstairshas been found in a meat locker stabbed to death with an ice pick. Though their daughter Connie has confessed to the deed, Margo steps forward to assert Connie's innocence. Flashing back to the Eighties, Margo tells allabout her marriage to Hutchinson, her bitter struggles with her own mother--the fabulously wealthy Beverly Carstairs, her "partnership" with professional lover Julian Kerr and her rise to prominence as the most famous ice sculptress in Sacramento. And the truth comes out. But with deadly consequences. The Chiselers was loosely inspired by a film that was loosely inspired by a book that was loosely inspired by actual events. This Sirk-soaked tale of murder, ambition and ice sculpture asks larger questions about the importance of family, love and art and doesn't bother to wait around for the answers. How far will they go to get what they want? Find out for yourself. Come and meet The Chiselers.

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