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Blurring boundaries between dance, theatre, music, new media, opera and puppetry. January 12-17 Wooden Laura Peterson A dance of twisting, crunching velocity set in an environment of shifting and growing trees, moss and metal. The Venus Riff Johari Mayfield A multi-media movement exploration of what Charles Darwin called "the primitive, grotesque nature of the black female." Sonnambula Michael Bodel Bellini's opera "The Sleepwalker" un-peeled. Choreography collides with puppetry on multiple scales. Floating Point Waves Ximena Garnica & Shige Moriya An installation of strings and water, real-time video, live electronic music and Butoh converge in a stunning, seamless landscape. January 19-24 Lucid Possession Toni Dove The uncanny manifestation of a virtual multiple personality. Miranda Kamala Sankaram Pop-opera meets Reality TV. A multi-media chamber opera where the audience becomes detective, judge, and jury. Mosheh Yoav Gal A videOpera re-enacting the seminal Biblical saga of Moses. January 26-30 Epyllion Lindsay Abromaitis-Smith & Emma Jaster The dawning of the first day and the moonshine of the first night. A new creation myth told through puppetry, ritual, dance and song. Don Cristobal, Billy-Club Man Erin Orr & Rima Fand Drunken, lusty, Don Cristóbal is followed off-stage to reveal his softer poetic side. January 28-30 At Long Last: Phrase 1 Lake Simons & Chad Lynch A silent tale, unraveled through clown, puppetry, dance and inanimate objects. A Small Leashed Monkey Deke Weaver One of the stories that inspired Weaver's The Unreliable Bestiary, a Creative Capital supported project presenting a performance for every letter of the alphabet, each letter represented by a particular animal or habitat. Border Towns Nick Brooke & Jen Rohn A theatrical collage of recordings collected from the borders.

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