About This Show

Absurdities, an evening of comical one-acts by playwright Greg Machlin, is presented at Love Creek Theatre. The show is produced by Synge Maher and actor/director Tony White, and the one-acts are directed by Maher, Zak Walshon, Glenn Schudel, and Mike Burdick.

The evening consists of:

Mnemonic Device (directed by Maher) Two humans, three trees, four characters, five settings, ten minutes, the creation of the universe… and one
elephant. Hilarity ensues.

The Diplomat’s Dilemma (directed by Burdick) An American diplomat finds his already on-the-rocks marriage threatened by a sexy French diplomat. Hilarity, and dueling, ensue.

The Briefcase (directed by Walshon) Originally a radio play, presented with an intriguing twist. A comedy/thriller about a very dangerous briefcase,
the government who made it, and the woman driven to stop them. Hilarity, and government conspiracies, ensue.

The Collaborative Process (directed by Schudel) Two friends with very different ideas attempt to write a play while dealing with a therapist. Hilarity, and aliens, ensue.

Show Details

Dates: Opening Night: February 24, 2004 Final Performance: February 26, 2004