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A Piece of Me is an Dramatic, Comedic, and Inspirational stage play that will make you think, laugh, and cry as you see real life (yours or someone you know) played out on the stage. The refusal to forgive, infidelity, alcoholism, homelessness, honesty and the allegations of physical and incestuous sexual abuse are all dealt with...and somewhere in that lies a piece of YOU. A Piece of Me was birthed out of writer/producer/director Jermaine Smith's personal testimony. The hesitancy to forgive his mother for her many years of substance abuse has developed into a stage play that has mentored to thousands (all the while, bringing 81 souls to the Body of Christ) in just only 49 shows thus far. Jermaine's mother has since found God and is delivered from drugs. For groups 5+, please call 718-344-5529.

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