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Thanks to an ancestor who loved torturing witches, the Baronet of Ruddigore is cursed—if he doesn't commit a crime every day, his life will end in agony, and the curse will be handed down to the next in line. No wonder he doesn't stick around to follow through with his destiny. In fact, the Baronet poses as Robin Oakapple instead, leaving the title and the curse with his younger brother. But when the ghosts of Baronet's past reveal themselves in the Ruddigore Castle picture gallery (what is this, Hogwarts?), he's forced out of hiding and back into the role of daily criminal. To stall his ancestors as long as he can, the Baronet comes up with silly excuses and non-criminal acts like "forging" his own will. But destiny and curses aren't the most flexible of things, so the clever Baronet must figure out a way to make everyone happy in the end, especially himself. Don't miss this G&S gem - it's the most fun you'll have around Halloween without wearing a costume! Of course, please feel free…

Another season of hilarious heroes and heroines happily, and operatically, entertaining us as only New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players can – now in its 40th fantabulous year! To celebrate their Ruby Anniversary, they're presenting a full season of classic Gilbert & Sullivan topsy turvy tales.

Whether you choose to enjoy the ghostly and ghastly satire of Ruddigore, the seafaring sensation that is H.M.S. Pinafore, a romantic ride with The Gondoliers, or all of the above, you'll tap your toes and belly laugh to the longest-running professional Gilbert & Sullivan company in America.

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