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Lord & Lady Macbeth are very much in love-- the envy of the Scottish nobility. He's an extraordinary warrior who's tough, witty, and honorable. She's his lovely, charming, soul mate who wants what's best for him. Macbeth is the story of how they lose their souls, in haunting, blood-spattered detail. Fueled by ambition, Macbeth performs unspeakable acts when three strange and beautiful Witches appear with promises of greatness. One murder leads to another; and another, and still more in this shockingly modern tale of brutality, eroticism, and the supernatural. Starring MOTI MARGOLIN & KAITLIN LARGE, MACBETH is one of Shakespeare's most popular tragedies, and FROG & PEACH delivers the goods with all the excitement, humor and grown-up fun audiences have come to expect.

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