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LÂN is presented as part of the New Island Festival on Governor's Island. Composer, musician and birdwatcher, Sytze Pruiksma, sees music in the landscape. He listens to nature like he listens to music. Using recorded natural sounds, musical instruments, the human voice and entirely new instruments he's designed, Pruiksma orchestrates a new kind of music. LÂN (Land) is a dynamic and intense look at the versatile shapes and sounds of the land and its inhabitants. Filmmaker Herman Zielstra and Pruiksma have compiled footage of the Frisian landscape - a very distinctive geographical region of the The Netherlands - which Pruiksma reads like a musical score. Scenic designer Sjoerd Wagenaar has devised an open air auditorium which allows the audience to take in their natural settings during the show. With the Manhattan skyline as backdrop, LÂN combines video projections and Pruiksma's unique compositions to create an all-sensory concert experience.

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