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An unquestioned classic of the American theatre told with sly humor and profound meaning, Our Town transports us to Grover’s Corners, a place of secret wishes and disappointments, loves and losses, where the people we meet are shockingly like the ones in our own lives. Meet Emily and George. They’ve grown up together in their small New England town, falling in love in a surprisingly complicated way. Their growing up, their living, and their dying provide the lens through which the story is told, a story that focuses on a village but encompasses the eternal, finding the world in a grain of sand. “Indeed the play’s success across cultural borders around the world attests to its being something much greater than an American play: it is a play that captures the universal experience of being alive.” – Donald Margulies

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Dates: Opening Night: October 8, 2014 Final Performance: November 2, 2014