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Doris Baizley's new play is a powerful retelling of Sister Elizabeth Kenny's battle to make her treatment of polio the standard. "Stubborn," "feisty," and "determined" were some of the nicer words used to describe this heroic fighter who took on the male-dominated medical establishment and changed the lives of thousands of polio victims and their families. Had it not been for Sister Kenny's one-woman revolution, her groundbreaking therapies could not have helped thousands of polio victims or paved the way for modern techniques of rehabilitation and physical therapy. Starring the incomparable Claudia Wilkens as Sister Kenny and students from the St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Artists, Sister Kenny's Children will honor the Australian-born nurse who is remembered as a life-saver by thousands of Minnesota families who faced the crippling disease of polio during the epidemic of the 1950s.

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