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Seed the Storm is Eye of the Storm Theatre¹s innovative annual festival of new works, with fully-produced glimpses into four new plays-in-progress: Whose Bones Are These? by Melanie Marnich and directed by Carson Kreitzer. This show explores the powerful attraction between a biracial couple who have been dragged to Tanzania by their respective spouses who are working in the bush. Famous Amos by Shá Cage and directed by Harry Waters, Jr. This explores the tragic and the beautiful life of a character named Famous Amos who is neither boy nor girl, neither black nor white. Set in the rural south, it emerges from a non-linear African aesthetic, using storytelling, gossip and poetry to episodically explore issues of race, gender and sexuality. Translating Fidor Mironev by Brent Doyle and directed by Casey Stangl. This follows a mysterious Russian émigré who collects first editions and translates the work of an obscure Russian writer, Fidor Mironev. Where does he get his money? And what is the hold he has over the young American woman who is seemingly compelled to assist him in this endeavor? Hazard County by Allison Moore and directed by Sarah Gioia. This is the tale of a young Kentucky widow and her twin children, Quinn and Quentin. Lazy no-count in-bred white-bread white trash? Or are they? Inspired by true events, a modern Confederate Martyr, and the Dukes of Hazzard, the characters struggle to reconcile the death of their husband and father with the continuous rewriting of history.

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