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Phaedra's Love is Sarah Kane's radical reworking of Seneca's classical tragedy of incest and unrequited lust. Hippolytus, the spoiled prince, is driven to a reclusive life. Emotions, love in particular, and need of any type are an unbearable threat to him. His uncontrollable sexual impulse, which would otherwise draw him into contact with others, must express itself in masturbation and the humiliation of his sexual partners. Phaedra, his stepmother, is desperately in love with him. Her drive to submit herself to the impossibility of her desire, to lose herself within it, is the opposite of Hippolytus. Phaedra's longing for Hippolytus forms the second of the twin impulses that move this contemporary royal family towards a violent destruction. First debuted at the Gate, London in 1996, this is the play's regional premiere. Warning: This play contains graphic content. Not for the theatrically faint of heart.

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