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In the fall of 1680, the coastal settlement of Oakham, a small population of Puritans prepare for the harvest. After a decade of devastating winters, rife with disease and hunger, the founding families of the Pendles, Chadwickes, Porters, and Hawkes depend on each other for resources, company, solace, and support. But a force stronger than winter and more devastating than famine or disease is about to be unleashed onto this tightly knit community: a dark force released by one of their own.

Daemonologie is a unique game theater experience, where the audience is responsible (or complicit) in the outcome of the story. Our audience, no larger than 40, will be divided up between our four families, work with them, share their experiences, and know what they know. As events unfold, the audience will learn about events only from the perspective of the family they are with, while some audience members will have opportunities to learn details the characters don't know. We encourage the audience to be curious, use information wisely, and be brave. Only the audience can bring the real guilty party to justice, and only the audience can change a tragic outcome.

Although Daemonologie is a work of fiction, we are using information and experiences that we have pulled from primary source 17th-century accounts of Puritan life, laws, religious practices, and witch trials from both England and New England. We are exploring this fascinating and important time period from the perspective of the people who lived it, which is why we ultimately decided to make the witchcraft real. We want to push our audience to make decisions and decide people's fates in a context of real fear, anxiety, and panic.

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  • Location:Salem Pioneer Village 1630, Massachusetts