About This Show

Hold on to your seats! Breathe only when necessary! It’s autumn again,
and that means it’s time for Ryan Landry and The Gold Dust Orphans to
make their way back into town and back onto the stage as they bring you
their annual Halloween / Thanksgiving treat!

You are now traveling to another dimension! A dimension of sight … a
dimension of sound! There’s a signpost up ahead … your next stop …
The Twilight Zone.

Please join The Gold Dust Orphans as they travel through both time and
space to bring you their version of three classic episodes … Live Onstage! The Twilight Zone.

“EYE OF THE BEHOLDER” – Outcast from society due to a hideous
deformity, a troubled woman desperately undergoes an operation to alter
her appearance. But who or “WHAT” will judge the final result? Orphan
superstar Penny Champayne stars in this classic episode as Janet Tyler,
the woman whose ugliness lies… in the “Eye of the Beholder.”

“LIVING DOLL” – Eric Straighter doesn’t like children. Especially not
his 5 year old step-daughter, Christy. So when his wife brings home a
rather pricey doll for the child, Eric begins to lose his mind. Or does
he? Larry Coen stars as Eric and Olive Another as his wife in this
hugely popular “Twilight Zone” favorite from November 1963. Meet
“Talkie Tina – the doll that can does everything”… even murder!

“THE INVADERS” – A flying saucer full of tiny spacemen lands on the
roof of an isolated farmhouse. Inside, an impoverished woman fights for
her life as the creepy creatures begin to enter the house in an effort
to communicate. Are these alien visitors out to kill? Or are they
simply misunderstood? Ryan Landry stars in the role originated by the
late, great Agnes Moorehead, in this ground breaking “silent” episode
where no one speaks… save for “The Invaders.”

Select Saturday matinees have been added on November 4 & 11 at 3pm. Please check on-line for additional ticketing updates.

Box Office Hours: 9am – 5pm

Appropriate For Ages: 18+

Show Details

Running Time: 1hr 0min (1 intermission)
Dates: Opening Night: October 12, 2006 Final Performance: November 11, 2006