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Three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning Edward Albee's most provocative and daring marital portrait since Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. In The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?, the stability of what appears to be an ideal family is rocked by an unimaginable event. Martin (Brian Kerwin) a successful architect facing his 50th birthday has just landed a lucrative contract and is about to be awarded an international prize. He is happily married to the lovely and clever Stevie (Cynthia Mace) and they have a comfortable relationship with their gay teenaged son. But when Martin confides in his best friend that he has fallen madly in love with a goat, he sets into motion events that threaten to alter significantly the life he has so carefully crafted for himself and his family. With Albee's masterful dialoge, the story of Martin's obsession is both wickedly funny and tragic, as the sophisticated and cultured Martin and Stevie passionately debate the limits of compassion, understanding and tolerance, leading them to question the nature of love itself.

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