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"God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh." -Voltaire Spanning a chasm of ancient terror to the right and a conclave of over-sexed ghosts to the left, The Bomba Trilogy looks at how true divinity is expressed in comic and foolish ways. Illumination: Whores and clowns inhabit their one time stage, now empty, and reflect on all that's lost but, regrettably, not forgotten. Their reverie is interrupted by an armed infantryman who may just compel them at gunpoint to revive their performances for the Attorney General. Fuckjoy: It's the broadcast infotainment age and whatever you think you're feeling may just be part of the game. The hosts of the show themselves don't know any more, but they are still smiling. Happiness, regret and the secret emotions that you keep to yourself may not be secret after all - the cameras may be watching. It's not real happiness, but, you know, "reality-based happiness." Darkness: A stormy night, a revolver, a corpse on the floor and a house haunted by living people who are compelled by an unseen prophet to have sex in the pursuit of divinity and comedy. Darkness explores the shadow area between life and death and life again, mysticism and sarcasm and the nature of consciousness.

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  • Dates:Closed on
  • Location:Theatre of NOTE, Los Angeles